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Doing close-up magic tricks requires skill, knowhow and plenty of practice to get your hands up to the job.  But, the art of entertaining with magic depends on so much more than just slight of hand. For a generation growing up with the internet, the secrets behind magic tricks are always within arms reach.  It used to be that the only way to learn magic was with books and a teacher.  Now internet web sites offer students pay-per-view bite-sized lessons for studying magic one trick at a time.  Unfortunately, the more subtle aspects of performing magic seem to be increasingly overlooked.  One might even say the Magic has lost its magic.  It has been reduced to a mechanical operation that turns people into technicians - simple tricksters - more often than magicians.  Its easy to trick people or show them something that they probably havent seen before, but to entertain them takes more than fast hands and good props.

It is the philosophy of Magically Inclined that magic is an entertainer’s art.  We believe that just teaching the mechanics of an illusion is a disservice to the student and the art itself.  Successful magic is a combination of technical know how and performance skill.  Our school is for the purpose of creating Magicians, true performers of mysteries and illusion - those that weave a tapestry of storytelling, sleight of hand and character.  We go beyond the technical understanding and explore the true mastery of performance; transcending the realm of trickster and becoming Magicians that understand how to truly entertain with magic.

Entertaining with magic will enrich your life.  Come revive the ancient tradition of magic and learn it the way it was meant to be studied.

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