Thank you for your interest in Magically Inclined, a source for premier entertainment in Sonoma County.  Whether you are looking to entertain a handful or a hall-full, I can offer you a variety of ways to enhance your event.  The philosophy of Magically Inclined goes well beyond providing great entertainment.  I make it a point to understand the specific goals for every event where I perform, so that I can shape my performance accordingly.  My parlor show is perfect for smaller parties, my walk-around shows are great for larger groups and my stage show delivers comedy and magic to scores of people at one time. 

If you are celebrating a birthday or a promotion, hosting a toast or a roast, promoting a company or a new product, I'll deliver a routine specifically designed for your event.  Magically Inclined is an excellent choice for top quality magic, comedy and totally unique physical arts. 


Entertaining Sonoma COunty since 1995

Magically Inclined was started in Santa Rosa, California by Colt Briner in 1995 and is dedicated to providing quality entertainment experiences for its clients.  Colt has dedicated himself to maintaining a reputation of excellence for the company since its inception.  He specializes in close-up, parlor and walk-around magic.  His shows are a blend of magic and comedy that engage, captivate and occasionally require the help of volunteers from the audience.  Add a little magic to your next event and create lasting memories of a wonderful experience for your guests. 

Contact Colt Briner for booking information.

Phone      707.292.7325

fax            707.579.6033  


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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